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Derived From the Inspiration of "Artisan", Is a Manufacturer Specializing in Casual Sportswear Manufacturing for 20 Years.

We uphold the spirit of ingenuity, integrate advanced technology and fashionable design, and are committed to providing customers with casual sportswear of excellent quality and unique style. More than just a manufacturer, we are fashion artists, injecting unique inspiration into your brand.


At Artisan, we are committed to providing every wearer with athleisure apparel that exceeds expectations. Our mission is to be the leader in creating dynamic and defining style through superior craftsmanship, innovative design and sustainable production. We pursue transcending the clothing itself to create a wearing experience and become a partner that inspires energy and expresses personality.


Our vision is to become the global leader in sports and leisure apparel, providing customers with unique, high-quality products, while creating a creative and dynamic working environment for employees. We pursue sustainability, strive to impact society, and set the benchmark in our industry. Through unremitting efforts, we strive to become the leading brand in athleisure apparel, setting new standards for style, comfort and sustainability.

Core Value

Innovation and Design:We always focus on design and innovation to meet the changing fashion and functional needs.

Craftsman spirit:We inject quality and exquisite craftsmanship into every product with our unique craftsman spirit.

Sustainable development:We pay attention to environmental protection and social responsibility, and are committed to reducing the impact on the environment through sustainable production methods.

Personalized experience:We pursue providing each customer with a personalized and comfortable wearing experience, so that they can show their unique style in every exercise.

Social Responsibility:We actively participate in community activities, pay attention to the well-being of employees, and contribute to charity, striving to become a socially responsible enterprise.

Artisan Development History

We continue to grow along the way

Artisan Apparel Co., Ltd. was founded, marking our entry into the foreign trade apparel market. We recruited an initial international trade team, conducted overseas market research, and defined our development direction and target markets.


we expanded our online presence, optimized production processes, and increased capacity to meet rising demand.


we responded to environmental challenges with flexible production adjustments and expanded online sales channels for business growth. We also focused on employee training and health management.


leveraging market insights, we introduced innovative products, expanded internationally, and embraced social responsibility for sustainable development.


Artisan's Success Today is Due to Our Excellent Partners.

Meet Artisan’s core team

Find fashion in vitality and live for comfort.

——— Founders and CEO: Mr. He

Mr. He, is the founder and CEO of our company. Not only is he a successful entrepreneur, he is also a passionate advocate for casual sportswear. As the soul of the company, Mr. Zhang Ming has led the company into a leading enterprise in the field of casual sportswear with his outstanding leadership and deep understanding of the industry.

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Craftsman spirit, quality first.

——— Workshop director: Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is the director of our workshop and has rich production management experience. He is passionate about the production process of every piece of casual sportswear, and with his excellent leadership and sense of responsibility, he ensures the efficient operation of our workshop.

Artisan Clothing Manufacturing Factory

Sewing workshop

Cutting workshop

We have more than 2,000 square meters of professional clothing manufacturing workshops

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Packaging workshop

Meet Artisan’s Core Team

Design team

Our designers are creative and passionate about fashion and casual sports lifestyle. They not only keep up with trends, but also focus on providing customers with unique and fashionable design solutions. Our design team is committed to breaking away from tradition and presenting stunning casual sportswear with a fresh perspective.

Production team

Our workshop directors, workers and production management team form an efficient and collaborative group. They have rich production experience and ensure that every product meets our standards through exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality control. They treat every detail with craftsmanship to ensure the final product is flawless.

Sales and Customer Service Team

Our sales team is passionate and good at listening to customer needs and providing personalized solutions. Whether it’s a large brand or a small business

Artisan Trusted Certification

After years of development, Artisan has won industry recognition and its quality has been trusted by customers from more than 120 countries.

Contact Artisan to get service.

Artisan provides one-stop services for sportswear design, manufacturing, packaging and more for your brand. We will reply promptly within 1 hour and show you the factory video. Provide 3D design draft in 1 hours. Provide free Samples services for your brands.
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