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Tracksuit Design

First of all, the design of the Tracksuit should be determined, including patterns, colors, logos, etc. You can provide your own design or work with a professional design team to ensure a custom Tracksuit fits your brand image.

If you already have your own design, you can click here to view theproduction process.

If you only have a few pictures and a simple logo, here’s what you need to consider

About Tracksuit Styles

Here are some common Tracksuit styles, each with its own unique characteristics and suitable for different styles and occasions:

crewneck + pants

Features:Crewneck sweatshirt paired with sweatpants, simple and practical, creating a casual and comfortable atmosphere. This combination typically features similar or matching colors and patterns.

Application:Suitable for daily casual wear, relaxing at home, outdoor activities, or gatherings with friends.

Hoodie + pants

Features: Hoodie paired with sweatpants, fashionable and casual, adding a touch of sporty style. The hood of the hoodie provides additional warmth and style.

Application:Ideal for outdoor activities, sports, jogging, or walking, as well as everyday casual

T-shirts + pants

Features:T-shirt paired with sweatpants, simple and lightweight, breathable and comfortable. This combination is typically minimalist and suitable for everyday wear.

Application:Suitable for various leisure activities such as shopping, dining out, traveling, as well as loungewear or outdoor activities.

zipped hoodies + pants

Features:Zip-up hoodie paired with sweatpants, stylish and sporty, exuding vitality and dynamism. The zipper design adds variation and personalization to the outfit.

Application:Suitable for outdoor activities, sports, or occasions where style matters, such as parties or gatherings.

T-shirts and shorts

Features:T-shirt paired with sweat shorts, cool and comfortable, perfect for summer wear. This combination emphasizes comfort and style.

Application:Ideal for hot summers, suitable for outdoor activities, vacations, or leisure wear, providing a refreshing feeling.

When choosing a Tracksuit style, consider brand positioning, target customer groups and wearing occasions are all important factors. Based on these factors, select the appropriate version to meet market demand. We have rich design experience and can provide you with standard US and European sizes in terms of size, and can also give you professional sizing advice.

Tracksuit Fabric Selection

When you are considering custom casual Tracksuit, choosing the right fabric is crucial. Different fabrics have different properties that can affect the comfort, durability and appearance of a Tracksuit. Here are some common fabrics suitable for casual tracksuit and their benefits:

Terry Fabric

Features:Terry fabric is soft, comfortable, highly absorbent, and breathable. It's suitable for absorbing sweat, providing warmth, and ensuring comfort.

Consider:Terry fabric is prone to pilling, so care must be taken in maintenance to avoid damage to the fabric surface from sharp objects.


Features:Fleece fabric offers excellent warmth and moisture retention properties while being soft and comfortable. It's suitable for cold weather wear, keeping the body warm.

Consider:Fleece fabric tends to generate static electricity, so precautions should be taken to prevent friction and avoid damage to the fabric from sharp objects.

Interlock Fabric

Features:Interlock fabric has a high density, strong elasticity, and good abrasion resistance, maintaining its shape well. It's suitable for sports and everyday wear, ensuring clothing retains its shape.

Consider:Interlock fabric is prone to shrinkage, so washing instructions should be followed to avoid affecting size and shape.

Air Layer

Features:Air layer fabric is lightweight, soft, breathable, and insulating, providing comfort when worn. It's suitable for wearing in spring and autumn, maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Consider:Air layer fabric is thin and prone to scratching, so care should be taken to avoid damage to the fabric surface from sharp objects.

When choosing fabrics, in addition to considering the characteristics of the fabric itself, you should also consider the design of the tracksuit, the season and the preferences of the target audience. The best option is usually to balance the pros and cons of different fabrics based on your brand and product positioning.If you want to know more details about the fabric, please click here.

Tracksuit Process Selection

Choosing a suitable logo process for tracksuit is a key step to ensure the brand image and product quality. The following are some common logo techniques suitable for T-shirts:


Features:Added stretch for improved comfort and flexibility, suitable for sports and leisure.

Consider:Pay attention to the blending ratio. Excessive elasticity may affect the breathability of the fabric.


Features:Embroidery adds a premium feel to T-shirts, especially for textured or lettered designs.

Consider:Choose the right embroidery thread and technique considering the fabric and thickness of the T-shirt.

3D Printing

Features:Special printing technology can add layering and three-dimensionality to the logo.

Consider:For brands that want a unique effect, but need to be used sparingly so as not to be too obtrusive.

Heat Transfer Labels

Features:The brand label can be printed directly on the T-shirt by applying heat to avoid separate labels.

Consider:For brands who want to avoid neck tags and ensure the comfort of heat-applied tags.

Wash Effect

Features:Using the washing effect can make the logo look washed over time, adding a sense of leisure.

Consider:Suitable for designs that pursue a retro or worn effect to ensure the clarity of the logo.

When choosing logo technology, consider brand image, design style, T-shirt fabric and consumer preferences. Your best option is to work with a fabricator or professional designer to ensure craftsmanship and design are harmonious.Click here to learn more.

Special Design & Sewing Technology for Tracksuits

Special splicing tailoring design and sewing technology can add unique fashion sense and visual appeal to Tracksuit.

Family crewneck tracksuit

Family zipped tracksuit

Couple tracksuit

Children tracksuit

These special splicing cut designs can be selected according to the brand's style and target market to make the T-shirt more unique and attractive in the highly competitive market.

Other Customization Options for Tracksuits

In addition to the overall design, we can also customize various details, such as custom labels and packaging with printed logos.

Woven Labels

Washing Water Sign

Packaging Bag

Hang Tag

Other requirements: If you have other special requirements, please communicate with us.

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Contact Artisan to get service.

Artisan provides one-stop services for sportswear design, manufacturing, packaging and more for your brand. We will reply promptly within 1 hour and show you the factory video. Provide 3D design draft in 1 hours. Provide free Samples services for your brands.
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