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Hang Tags
Hang Tag is a label attached to clothing, which usually contains brand name, product information, material composition, size, etc. Not only can they provide necessary information to consumers, but they can also add character to the brand's image and positioning.
Brand Labels
Brand labels are iconic tags used to identify clothing brands, typically sewn into the inside or specific locations of garments. Designed according to the needs of the brand image, brand labels are an essential component of brand recognition and awareness.
Care Labels
Care labels are tags used to provide instructions for washing, maintaining, and ironing clothing. They typically contain information on how to properly handle and care for garments to ensure their long-term use and maintenance of good condition.
Clothing Badges
Clothing badges are typically presented in the form of emblems on garments, serving the purpose of decoration and personal expression. They can either be fabric badges sewn onto clothing or metal badges with pin backs. Clothing badges often bear brand logos, specific patterns, or slogans, adding personalized style to garments and are frequently utilized in brand promotion and marketing campaigns.
Buttons are accessories used to fasten garment openings, providing both functionality and decoration. They can be selected in different shapes, colors, and materials according to design needs, enhancing the aesthetics and style of clothing.
Zippers are fasteners used for opening and closing garments, providing quick, convenient, and reliable functionality. They can be found in various types of clothing, bags, and shoes, offering a convenient way to wear and fasten items.
Zipper Heads
For example, brand logos, specific patterns or personalized designs can be printed to enhance the uniqueness and brand recognition of the product. This kind of customized zipper puller is widely used in the clothing and accessories industry, which can not only increase the visual appeal of the product, but also enhance the user experience and brand value.
Drawstrings are adjustable cords commonly used to adjust the tightness of garments, particularly prevalent in hoodies or pants. They provide a comfortable wearing experience and allow for the adjustment of garment snugness as needed.
Sewing Threads
Sewing threads are threads used to stitch fabrics together, making them one of the essential materials in the garment-making process. They can be made of various materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, etc., often selected based on the fabric's characteristics and intended use. Sewing threads come in different colors and thread thicknesses to accommodate various stitching needs. In garment production, the appropriate sewing thread can ensure the durability of the clothing while also influencing its appearance and texture.
Transparent Bags
Transparent bags are often used to package clothes. They provide a clear display that allows customers to directly see the color, style and texture of clothing. Clear bags also protect clothing from dust and contamination, and provide a simple and professional way of packaging that is suitable for Retail stores and online sales.
Cardboard Box
1. Light and convenient: Compared with packaging boxes made of other materials, cartons are lighter, which saves a lot of costs in bulk logistics and transportation, especially for light items.

2. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Most of the cartons are made of cardboard, which is an environmentally friendly material that can be easily recycled and reused. It meets the sustainable development requirements of modern society and is conducive to the establishment of a green image for enterprises.

3. Moderate strength: The strength of the carton can be customized according to needs, and is suitable for the protection needs of clothing products during transportation. Generally speaking, cartons can withstand a certain amount of extrusion and collision, protecting the products inside from damage.

4. Easy to stack: The design of the carton makes it easy to stack, saving transportation and storage space, improving transportation efficiency, and reducing transportation costs.

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