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Fabric Composition
Cotton fiber is naturally soft, helps keep the skin breathing, and is extremely comfortable. An ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.
Polyester has excellent color retention, is resistant to fading, and is highly durable, making it a durable synthetic material.
The super elasticity of spandex fiber makes the clothing have superior stretchability, making it more close-fitting and comfortable to wear.
Modal fiber is smooth and soft, showing natural silk luster, high moisture absorption, and is a very comfortable fabric.
Nylon has excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance while being lightweight, making it a functional material suitable for a variety of environments.
Due to its natural skin-friendly properties, cotton is suitable for a variety of fashion styles, from casual to vintage, and from everyday to sleepwear.
Commonly used in outdoor sportswear and fashion designs, suitable for designs that require more structure and lines.
Suitable for sportswear and casual wear where flexibility and comfort are required, especially where frequent activities are required.
Suitable for designing casual, relaxed clothing, often used in summer and warm seasons.
Applicable T-shirt types: Casual, comfortable T-shirts, women's T-shirts
Commonly used in outdoor sportswear such as mountaineering, trekking and sportswear, as well as designs that require strength and durability.
Design features:
Suitable for designing loose casual wear, and can also be combined with prints and patterns to create interesting visual effects.
Design features:
Due to its wrinkle resistance, it is suitable for designing garments with a streamlined appearance.

Design features:
Can be used to design tight-fitting or slim-fitting clothing to highlight body curves.
Design features:
Due to its softness, it is suitable for designing flowing, loose styles that emphasize comfort.
Design features:
Suitable for designing structured clothing, such as jackets and pants, focusing on movement and functionality.
Avoid high-temperature washing to prevent shrinkage; you can use a low-temperature iron to ensure that the softness of cotton is maintained.
Wrinkles can be eliminated by quickly ironing at low temperature, but avoid high temperatures to avoid affecting the performance of the fiber.
Avoid using bleach to avoid affecting elasticity; avoid exposure to sunlight to extend elastic life.
Avoid friction with objects with rough surfaces to avoid damaging the smooth texture.
Avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid scratching the fabric; apply special nylon maintenance agent regularly to extend the service life.
Fabric Type
Single-Sided Fabric
Double-Sided Fabric
Slub Fabric
Pique Fabric
Terry Cloth
Polar Fleece
Air Layer
Fabric Weight
T-shirt Fabric Weight
More than 260g
Sweatshirt Fabric Weight
Less than 250g
Special Functional Fabrics
Combed cotton
Soft and Comfortable:
Due to the fine carding process, combed cotton fabric has a very soft feel and is suitable for direct contact with the skin.
Strong anti-pilling performance: 
The carding process can effectively remove short fibers and impurities in cotton fibers, thereby reducing fabric pilling and keeping the fabric smooth and beautiful.
Moisture absorption and breathability: 
Cotton itself has good moisture absorption and breathability, allowing combed cotton fabrics to stay comfortable and dry when worn.
Strong washing resistance: 
Due to the improvement of fiber structure, combed cotton fabrics usually have better washing resistance and are not easy to deform or fade.
Organic Cotton
Environmental protection and health: 
Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not used in the production process of organic cotton. Organic certification ensures that the products do not contain harmful substances and are friendly to the human body and the environment.
High fiber quality: 
The planting process of organic cotton pays attention to ecological balance. The protection of soil and plants by organic agriculture is conducive to improving the fiber quality of cotton.
Comfortable and breathable: 
Compared with ordinary cotton, organic cotton fibers are softer, have better moisture absorption and breathability, and are comfortable to wear.
Since it does not contain harmful substances, organic cotton is more friendly to people with sensitive skin, reducing the risk of possible allergies or irritation.
Pima Cotton
Long fiber: 
Pima cotton is a kind of cotton from the variety Pima. Its fibers are longer, so the fabric is softer and more delicate.
High gloss: 
Because the fibers of pima cotton are thin and long, the fabric has high gloss and presents a silky smooth texture.
Durable and washable: 
Pima cotton has high fiber strength, durability, good washability, and is not easy to deform or pill.
Good breathability: 
Despite its fine fibers, Pima cotton fabric still has good breathability and moisture absorption, making it comfortable to wear.

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